It’s the middle of February, which means that, for many, love is in the air – whether that means spoiling your partner, showing affection for friends and family, or celebrating your career. Here at Crowdfund Campus, we’re feeling the love for entrepreneurship – and, as it turns out, there are many reasons to feel fond of this challenging yet creative profession!

Every student or teacher involved with enterprise education has a different reason as to why they decided to go down this particular path – but nearly all agree that it’s an incredibly fulfilling (not to mention exciting) choice of career. Here are some of the best things about being an entrepreneur.

1. You call the shots. Entrepreneurs are responsible for taking full control of their business ventures; and though this might sound a little scary, that responsibility also gives an amazing feeling of freedom. Your vision is yours alone, and your decisions will determine how successfully that vision is realised – from the blueprint right through to the branding. Being able to step back and look at a product or service you’ve created from scratch is extremely satisfying; and though it might take a lot of hard work to be at the helm of a successful company, most entrepreneurs feel that it’s the most worthwhile way to make a living.

2. You can innovate and inspire. By pioneering a new product or service, you’re not only a potential captain of industry, but also a role model – and not just to your staff members, but also to family, friends and the local community. So, if you’ve got an enterprise idea that could be a real game-changer, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start innovating! Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were once humble students with big dreams, after all…

3. You’re able to work where you like, with whoever you like. Is it your dream to work in an open-plan office with a full-length slide, hammocks and a graffiti wall? Or do you fantasise about travelling the world and conversing with your team via Skype whilst gazing out at a multiplicity of exotic views? Have at it! Thanks to modern technology and the flexibility of working for yourself, being an entrepreneur goes hand-in-hand with many different workplace scenarios. That goes for people, too: you can handpick your team, choosing only the most brilliant, inspiring minds, the most creative individuals, or the nicest people you can find. The team you surround yourself with is entirely up to you.

4. You can say goodbye to the nine to five. Most of us have held jobs in which we often find ourselves gazing at the clock. If you’re an entrepreneur, you can say goodbye to rigid working hours and the notion of ‘clocking off’; not only will you be too busy to check the time, but also you’ll work no more or less than the job requires. Simply put, as the boss, you’ll work until the task is complete. And, as an added bonus, most entrepreneurs are too passionate about – and stimulated by – their work to consider clock-watching.

5. You can prioritise work/life balance. Though as an entrepreneur you’re sure to be working very long hours at times, you have more control about when and how this is done – meaning that it’s often possible to spend more time on the things you love. If you have children and want to be there to meet them every day at the school gates; if you want to go to an art class at noon every Tuesday; or if you just want to create a fitness routine that you’ll actually stick to, there’s no reason you can’t. Provided that you give your business your full attention and get the job done, you can dictate when you work, and for how long.

Whether you’re currently studying or thinking about taking the leap, it’s never too late to fall in love with entrepreneurship – and Crowdfund Campus has everything you need to succeed. With a host of tools on offer to our clients – from our Sandpit simulation to our live crowdfunding marketplace – and a friendly team on hand to advise, we can help you achieve your enterprise goals. Contact us today to learn more!