These days, education no longer starts and ends in the classroom.

Digital devices mean that learning opportunities are always at your fingertips, and with the plethora of podcasts now being produced you are only ever a click away from a new perspective or inspiring idea.

With this in mind, we have picked out four of the best podcasts that all budding business owners need to plug into. Whether you’re on the bus, in the gym or cooking dinner, no time need be wasted in the pursuit of entrepreneurial success.

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1. Entrepreneur on Fire

Award-winning podcast Entrepreneur on Fire – or EoFire to the initiated – will never leave you short of inspiring material, not least because a new episode airs every single day. Yes, that’s correct: new material is published seven days a week, 365 days a year. Each episode sees the host, John Lee Dumas, interview an entrepreneur and find out more about their story – from their worst entrepreneurial endeavours (and the lessons learned) to their ‘ah-ha!’ moment and the steps taken to generate success. With over 1800 episodes (and counting), EoFire will have you scribbling down action points one moment and laughing out loud the next, John Lee Dumas creating an excellent balance of information and entertainment. And if you still find yourself wanting more, spin-off series Kate’s Take – hosted by Dumas’ partner, Kate Erickson – shares actionable advice and behind-the-scenes insights into building a seven-figure business from the ground up.

2. The Gary Vee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuk is to entrepreneurship what Brad Pitt is to Hollywood: that is, a big deal. Serial entrepreneur, CEO, public speaker, author and venture capitalist (investing early doors in businesses like Uber and Twitter; talk about foresight!), Gary is also a YouTube star, hosting two shows – #AskGaryVee and #DailyVee – on his channel. In 2017, he launched The Gary Vee Audio Experience, mixing elements of his successful vlogs with keynote speeches, interviews and fireside chats specifically distilled for those on the go. Focusing on marketing, social media and entrepreneurship, the varied episode formats keep things interesting and the content is both insightful and interactive, with Vaynerchuk answering real questions from real listeners in the show.

3. Ctrl Alt Delete

Emma Gannon’s podcast, Ctrl Alt Delete, is proof that whatever the men can do, the women can too. Currently sitting at number 5 in the iTunes business charts, Gannon interviews guests she admires – resulting in warm, candid, coffee-table chats with some seriously impressive people. Her interviewees – who are mostly creative women and have included Lena Dunham, Lauren Laverne and Melissa Hemsley – discuss their work and lives with reference to the online world, creating a much-needed conversation on the pluses and the pitfalls of the Internet from a female perspective.

4. The Tim Ferris Show

You’d be forgiven for thinking that we have a crush on Tim Ferris, given that he also appears in our must read business books list. However, as the first business podcast to surpass 100,000,000 downloads, The Tim Ferris Show is more than deserving of a space in your ‘to listen’ list. Ferris started his podcast in order to improve his own interviewing skills, and intended to only produce six episodes. Nearly 300 shows later and at the top of the business charts, Ferris is proof that sometimes all it takes is giving something a go. In the podcast, Ferris interviews a diverse cast of accomplished individuals in order to deconstruct the tools and ticks of the world’s best performers. From doctors to scientists to chess masters to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the pod doesn’t just focus on startup culture but delivers lessons from all manner of industries.

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