Resolutions are for life, not just for new year, and should be attainable and manageable to have any chance of succeeding.

If you are looking to launch or grow a business this year, the following healthy habits will help you take strides towards being a boss everyone wants to work for.

Ready? Go.

1. Learn something new every day.

Entrepreneurs are always hungry (and not just because they’ve worked through lunch). They crave knowledge and new information as if it is an oxygen source. Take a daily step in the right direction by committing one new nugget to mind before you leave the office. Read business books, browse the broadsheets, listen to podcasts – and actively absorb them. All entrepreneurs are dreamers, but the most successful dreamers are also doers.

2. Don’t get bogged down in the detail.

It’s important to be involved in your business, but not so involved that you can’t step back when appropriate. Remember, your role is to steer the ship, and that means spending time on what will make your company successful – working on the business, rather than in it, if you will. Of course, in the early days you may not have the luxury of extra pairs of hands, but when you get to the stage that delegating or outsourcing is feasible, do it. Many hands make light work, and the best entrepreneurs understand that hiring help is not a step backwards but a step forwards.

(Not convinced? Let Richard Branson persuade you: “Going it alone is a romantic notion, but few if any entrepreneurs ever brought an idea to life without a lot of help.”)

3. Work smarter, not harder.

Working all hours of the day – and night – should not be a badge of honour. It is not a rite of passage that validates the label ‘entrepreneur’. In fact, successful entrepreneurs prioritise balance; they immerse themselves in their work, but switch off completely when appropriate. They understand that business is important, but that family, friendships and health are more so. As such, they ensure they have ample time off to spend with loved ones, and never compromise on sleep or exercise.

4. Never feed your ego.

Building a business is not all about you. Whilst the vision and name on the masthead may be yours, a successful company is so much more than the sum of its CEO. Avoid making matters so personal that every achievement and failure is about you. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from the people who have walked the path before you. And always make time to praise others.

5. Just do it.

Nike had the right idea when they coined their famous slogan: sometimes, you’ve just got to get on and do it. If you have been sitting on an idea for a while, or have done your market research and need to act on it, then what are you waiting for? Taking tiny steps on the ever-evolving entrepreneurial journey is the only way to achieve your end goal.

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