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Universities are FULL of talented individuals with Innovative ideas. We know, because we meet them every day. With Crowdfund Campus you can tap into your vast and supportive university community, whether you're a student, staff or alumni, and boost your chances of success.

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1. Sign Up

Crowdfund Campus works hard to build relationships with your University and alumni communities to help market your campaign. The platform has a growing supportive network or students, entrepreneurs, alumni and Universities from which your ideas can draw finance and support.

2. Learn

All campaign authors are entitled to four FREE 1-to-1 Crowdfunding workshops with our expert team. You'll learn how to put together a killer campaign, show it off to the world, stir up a media frenzy, and build yourself a community of loyal supporters.

Although crowdfunding is at least 3 times more likely to fund projects and businesses than other means, there is an art to running a crowdfunding campaign. Certain small tweaks to a campaign can make the difference between raising 20% of the target amount and 120%.

3. Create

Get Creative! Use the Campaign Creator to set your project up with a catchy tagline, irresistible pitch, slick video and stunning images, as well as all the awesome rewards you're going to offer. When you're done, submit it to us for feedback.

Studies show that 90% of crowdfunding campaigns who reach 35% of their target go on to raise the full amount. Get friends and family on board early and smash your target!

4. Launch

It's go time! When you're ready, launch your project and let the crowd do their thing.

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We provide a connection to your university network

We partner with Universities and make connections with departments, alumni networks and Student Unions, to help you tap into a huge, supportive community that you're already part of. It's the perfect environment for crowdfunding!

We train you

You'll have the opportunity to go through our free crowdfunding course with access to online learning materials, 4 Workshops covering everything from creating your campaign to putting together press kits, and continuous feedback and support from both us and your university.

We connect you

Need some shiny new branding? Want to put together a slick promo video? We can point you towards other individuals and companies in the area with relevant skills in filmmaking, graphic design and video production, many of whom offer special discounts for our crowdfunding authors.

We promote you

We'll show off your campaign in our newsletters, social media and at other opportunities on campus. We can also help with finding relevant publications for you to send a press kit to.

What does it cost?

Crowdfund Campus takes no campaign creation fee, and no success fee from your campaign! The only applicable fees to you are taken by our payment provider for card processing, which you can read more about here.

We believe that lack of money should not be a barrier to opportunity and success. That’s why we endeavour to give your projects and businesses access to your University Networks to provide you with the funding to make it happen.

It’s never easy raising money, but we hope to make it just a little bit easier, quicker and cheaper.